Good Luck, Craig!

Good Luck, Craig


Well, the word is out. After eighteen years, the American Hereford Association and Certified Hereford Beef are saying good-bye to our friend, American Hereford Association Executive Vice President Craig Huffhines. Craig has only had one job and employer after graduating from his master’s program, and that has been to lead the American Hereford Association. Friend–actually you could call him the father of Certified Hereford Beef. It was Craig’s research into the palatability of beef and consumer tests that has paved the way for the Certified Hereford Beef brand. How do you say thanks to leadership like that?


In a world of too many stories about bad companies and horrible bosses, you never hear enough about the good ones. Craig Huffhines is the epitome of the good guy. If he were a western TV star he would be a cross somewhere between Gene Autry and John Wayne. The classic white cowboy hat persona–great husband and father, trust worthy, friendly, loyal, and hard working. The qualities that legends and great leaders are made of because he measures success by the relationships he has made.

CH white hat

That leadership has enabled our Hereford breed to be the envy of all livestock associations. Under Craig’s guidance, we have grown by leaps and bounds. His vision has provided us the opportunity to showcase quality genetics and make our commercial cattlemen the cream of the crop. Certified Hereford Beef would not be here without his servant attitude. In a recent article for Drive Livestock, Craig was quoted as saying, “Success is a progress that evolves over time. Sometimes compensation and the gratification don’t come instantly. It takes hard work, respect for superiors and the industry, and a team spirit to go the extra mile. It takes an unselfish, servant attitude to be successful in agriculture.” Those aren’t just words to Craig–it is how he lives his life and the example he sets for his team. It’s something that we are going to miss, but will make sure to carry on!


Craig’s next chapter will be taking him home to Amarillo, Texas. Craig will be guiding the reins of the American Quarter Horse Association as their executive vice president and we wish him all the best. We know being back in Texas will be great for Craig, Mary Jon, Seth, Cole, and Miles. We wish them all the happiness in the world. After all, great cowmen need great horses so it’s only fitting that Craig is heading that way. I, for one, will be looking forward to the amazing things we are going to hear coming out the Quarter Horse Association soon. That kind of leadership just does great things.

4-15-14 riness_-calf-roping-101-72-dpi

Craig, thanks! Thanks for getting us all together and guiding us to build the best branded beef program in the world owned by our 6,000 members. Thanks for always having an open door and leading by example and showing us that the work we do is a privilege and not just a job. Most of all, thanks for just being you! We wish you the very best and want you to know we are always here for anything you need-friend!

Vaya Con Dios Amigo,


About whiteface1881

Certified Hereford Beef was established to provide the best tasting beef to the great U.S.A. The American Hereford Assn. was established in 1881 and it's that tradition that helps us build upon our Excellence.
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2 Responses to Good Luck, Craig!

  1. Lilla Bell says:

    Thank you Craig for all you have done for our great Hereford breed! Words do not express my gratitude for all you have done for AHA! The AQHA has gained one of the best! Best of luck and hope to see you again along the the trail! Lilla Bell

  2. Vickie Bishop Kern says:

    An excellent tribute to Craig; very well said. Thank you Craig and best of everything to you and your family.

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