Rancher Spotlight: Gregory Feedlot

Rancher Spotlight: Gregory Feedlot


This month’s Rancher Spotlight comes to us from Gregory Feedlots of Southwest, Iowa which is five miles southeast of Tabor. The feedlot location is in close proximity to Omaha, NE, and a couple of hours away from Kansas City, MO. Some of the advantages of their location is being very close to supplies of feeder cattle, having abundant supplies of feed which make their prices competitive, and being located near several packers including Greater Omaha.
The feedlot traces its roots back to the Gregory family that settled in the rich farmland in the early 1860’s. Today, the feedlot sits on the original homestead where Jim and David Gregory continue to raise livestock and farm. The feedlot has been in operation for over 35 years and produces a lot of great Certified Hereford Beef cattle.
Gregory Feedlots feeding capacity is around 8,000 head, and their lot capacities range from 50 to 250 head. The small pen sizes give them the opportunity to work with smaller feeders who would not otherwise be able to be served. Gregory Feedlots spares nothing when it comes to the design of their pens for animal welfare. Each pen is designed with slopes and concrete aprons for drainage and earthen mounds to help cattle achieve peak performance.
Gregory’s customers are as diverse as their lot capacities. Their customers come from all kinds of backgrounds and locations. A sample of their current customer mix includes ranchers wanting to owner retain their cattle, breeders improving their herd performance, investors, and farmers wanting to market their value added crops. Over the years, they have served customers from New York, Wyoming, and Mississippi. However, their bread and butter customers routinely come from Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas.
Thinking about wanting to invest with cattle, but not sure how to start? They can help you with that, too. Gregory Feedlots provides a number of financing options including financing 70% of the purchase price of the cattle, or 100% of the feed cost. You can even take out options on the grain so you can store grain in advance, or purchase from Gregory with no storage costs. They will even go out and purchase cattle and partner with you!
David Trowbridge has been the manager of Gregory Feedlots since 1977. David is a Nebraska native where he graduated from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science. He’s always available to answer any questions.
David says they like Hereford genetics in their cattle because, “Today’s genetics in the Hereford breed will perform competitively with any other breed in the feedlot. Herefords will compete for top gains, conversions, and carcass quality.” David says Gregory Feedlots is increasing their number of white faced cattle because of their proven performance, and the ability of producers to receive a premium at the packer level. David adds, “Our location near Greater Omaha Packer and their commitment to the Certified Hereford Beef Brand is a great incentive to produce and feed whiteface cattle.”


If you want to get in touch with David and see about putting some cattle in Gregory Feedlots, contact him at (712) 370-2205.

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