Rancher Spotlight: Churchill Cattle Company

cows in pasture2

October Rancher Spotlight: Churchill Cattle Company

Happy Halloween! May your candy baskets have more treats than tricks, especially those of us that have to drive into town to experience trick or treating. Remember to park on the outskirts of the neighborhood to keep the traffic down, and there’s nothing wrong with hiding in the back of the pickup and jumping up to yell “Boo” at other people as they walk by. (CHB nor this writer is responsible for any potential injuries incurred by following this writer’s advice….It’s science; you should take everything I write with a grain of salt!)

This month’s rancher spotlight comes to us from one of our very own, current Certified Hereford Beef President, Dale Venhuizen and his lovely wife Nancy. They hail from the great state of Montana-that’s just a little north of Amarillo and west of Kansas City. They have been raising superior Herefords and beautiful daughters together for well over thirty-four years.

Dale & Nancy Venhuizen at Kansas Meeting 2012

Churchill Cattle Company, located 90 miles north of Yellowstone National Park in Manhattan, MT began in 1980, shortly after Dale and Nancy Venhuizen were married. The “Churchill” of the ranch name was chosen because a bull out of a cow given to Dale by his dad, John, was named DV Lord Churchill. This bull sold in the Western Nugget sale in Reno, NV and the proceeds provided the financial base to the beginning of Dale and Nancy’s married life.

Churchill Cattle Co. has been owned and operated by Dale and Nancy from its birth to the present, with decisions being hatched, discussed, and fine-tuned at the kitchen table. Their four grown daughters have careers of their own and are spread from coast to coast. While having independent lives in big cities, they all remain connected and active in the ranch in assorted capacities. Nancy says, “You can take the girl out of Montana, but you can never take Montana out of the girl.” The ranch always draws them home, either for their sales, Christmas, or any other special occasion.


Being raised on his parents Hereford Ranch and Seed Potato farm, Dale has always been loyal to the Hereford breed and has appreciated the qualities Hereford genetics bring to the beef industry. Dale states, “Hereford cattle excel in their feed efficiency as well as efficiency in general. They are known for their excellence in cross-breeding, disposition, longevity, and as well as their growth traits.”

Certified Hereford Beef is very important to Churchill Cattle Company and to the Hereford Breed. “The development and growth of Certified Hereford Beef has been one of our main goals since the program started. Hereford beef is a very tasty product that is healthy, and provides a wonderful eating experience. Through CHB, we have been able to connect our bull customers with consumers throughout the US and now the world” says Dale.

Dale and cow

From its beginning, Churchill Cattle Company strives to produce the very best Hereford cattle for the commercial breeder, as well as the registered breeder. They have learned through the years that raising Hereford cattle is about raising quality beef animals, with unique and desired genetics. Developing relationships through honest, reliable, positive, and trustworthy dealings is equally as important to Dale and Nancy. Told you they were good people!

Churchill strives to be progressive in breeding decisions and their use of available technology. They have used ultrasound since the inception of the herd, and continue to make use of new and upcoming technology.

Cows in pasture

“The current market for cattle, and Herefords specifically, is electric. The excitement and demand for Hereford cattle is our opportunity to produce and provide a product we are passionate about. Churchill Cattle Company is our home, our work, where our memories have been created, and our dreams are in the process of being fulfilled. We love and are loyal to the Hereford breed and are excited about each opportunity to get to know the great people who appreciate Hereford genetics.” –CHB President Dale Venhuizen. (Spoken like the stewards of the Hereford breed that the Venhuizen’s are!)


Churchill Cattle Company information can be found on their website at:


The ranch also has a new blog that can be found at:


You can also find Dale on Facebook.

Also, check out this recent article where Dale is quoted for his experience, leadership, and dedication to American Hereford Association Breeders everywhere, and for helping Certified Hereford Beef surpass fifty-million pounds sold. http://www.agweb.com/article/certified-hereford-beef-volume-surpasses-50-million-lb-sold-news-release/

Muchas gracias to Dale and Nancy Venhuizen for opening up their operation for our rancher spotlight. We wish them the very best of continued success in all that they do, and blessings for them and their family!

Take care and remember to be thankful and cheerful for all we know, and have as we head into the holidays.



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