Saturated Fat….. Not Guilty!



If you tell them, will they listen?


Jason Boland sings a line, “it took a while at least for me, to live enough till I believed in none of what I heard and less than half of what I saw.” As I get closer to the downhill of my thirties, I completely agree! In the last few years I’ve read more about the link of heart disease and diet than I ever imagined I would. I have listened to both sides and it’s been an eye opening experience to realize how long we have relied on inaccurate “scientific fact” to guide our lives. In the way of the American diet, inaccuracies have developed that high consumption of staples like butter, cheese, and red meat are bad for your health. Thank goodness main stream media outlets are finally realizing that the majority of studies and research are based on bad science and even more on propaganda!

If you’re a common sense person and if you are reading this post (then it’s a good bet of dollars to pesos that you are), I encourage you to check out some of these books by Gary Taubes: Good Calories Bad Calories, and Why We Get Fat. It will give you an eye opening view into the bad science that a lot of so called dieticians and nutritionists are quoting now days as they are telling us to cut out red meat and dairy. Throw in the mass confusion of what is “natural”, “organic”, or GMO’s and you could really be way laid in so called “Healthy Eating Habits!”

I’m not writing to persuade you one way or the other. But, I do encourage you to study more about what you don’t understand before you just go along with the latest, greatest trend. In a hectic world of not making a decision please take the time to study credible sources and make up your own mind. There, that’s my take away for today, but if you need some more persuading then let’s explore.

There is a very informative article by Nina Teicholz, “The Questionable Link Between Saturated Fat and Heart Disease” that ran this past weekend in the Wall Street Journal. If you don’t subscribe to the WSJ then you can check out the link here and read for yourself

The article cites a large study recently published in Annals of Internal Medicine journal that disproves saturated fat as a cause of heart disease. Her article shines light on the truth about a lack of solid evidence dating back about fifty years that has formed opinions and bias about our nutritional beliefs. The distrust of saturated fat started with Dr. Ancel Benjamin Keys who was a proponent that saturated fats raised cholesterol thus resulting in higher cholesterol. Then you find out his research was inept at best, including that he only selected countries to study that helped his theory. Add in the fact that he used very small numbers for his study -even far more than the 655 he originally intended to use and even a junior law clerk could make an argument. Plus, consider that a large corporation jumped on board with the research to promote their new products and you have a recipe for misguidance.

Fast forward to today and what you do you have? Still a large population of misinformed individuals because feeding people less of the vegetable oils and processed foods would cut into profits! But find the research for yourself -don’t take my word for it. Read the above mentioned books, scour the Internet and make your own decision about what you think is the right nutritional path for you. Then, question why the American Heart Association and United States Department of Agriculture have been champions of high-carbohydrate diets. The more we question the question behind the question, the better off we all are.

I challenge you with a take away. How do you know what you know? What are you basing your nutritional decisions on? Is it sound science, or do you just go along with the latest greatest? My advice is: if you’ve been going with the status quo, then try something different and measure the results yourself. Let me know how it turns out!



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