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Well, folks- looks like we are going to survive January! I know we’ve all harped on it, but continued thoughts and prayers for those of us still dealing with unseasonably colder temperatures across the land. I don’t recall ever hearing the term “polar vortex” until the local news channel here used it to describe our “Winter Freeze Storm of 2014.”  However, 2014 is still off to great start, especially if you’re still on your New Year’s resolutions! That’s just what we are doing here at CHB. One of our goals of 2014 was to start spotlighting our great producers and give them a venue to tell about their operations and experiences. Our first one of 2014 is from B&D Herefords, and we thank them for being our guinea pig.

B&D Herefords was started by Jerry Beran and Vince Dolechek, and is based out of the central part of Kansas around the town of Claflin. They are a family that has been in the area for nearly 100 years and are family-owned and operated. Bridget Beran states the operation is made of the Beran brothers: Craig Beran, Gerald Beran Jr., Terry (Tex) Beran, Eric Beran, and Kevin Beran.  In addition, there is Uncle Vince Dolechek, brother John Beran, and cousin Matt Beran, and all the wives.

The B&D has been dry-land crop farming and running commercial cows for about seventy years. They started using registered Herefords fifty years ago, and today they run a seed stock operation of 400 Hereford cows.  The have been showing Herefords at the National Western Stock Show in Denver for fifteen years, and their 28th annual production sale will be March 17th this year. They ranch also leases out some land for hunting.

B&D wanted to improve their commercial cow herd and purchased registered Hereford cows with the intent of keeping the females for the herd. The ranch believes the attributes of longevity, mothering ability, temperament, and consistency have been profitable to the operation.

Visiting with the operation, you learn they have a great heads up approach. B&D has learned the value of planning for the future and incorporates long-term marketing, record-keeping, and strategic investments to ensure they are financially independent and are providing a better start for the next generation.

We asked B&D if they could make one point to someone from a non-agricultural background, what would that point be? Bridget Beran states, “In order for us (ranchers) to survive, we have to be good stewards of our resources and must be frugal with our use of fertilizers, cattle medications, and water usage.” We agree a high paid marketer couldn’t have said it better, Bridget!

“Herefords have provided our family with the opportunity to meet some of the best people in the world. We have been blessed to make good friends across the state of Kansas, most of the United States and as far away as Scotland.”

                                                                                   Bridget Beran, B&D Herefords


You can reach out and contact B&D Herefords at www.bdherefords.com and through Facebook.

Our thanks to Bridget and everyone at B&D Herefords.  Everyone at CHB wish the best for you and your continued success.

If your operation would like to be spotlighted, or if you know a Hereford operation we should spotlight, then please contact us at whiteface1881@gmail.com, and we’ll be sure to get in touch.

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Certified Hereford Beef was established to provide the best tasting beef to the great U.S.A. The American Hereford Assn. was established in 1881 and it's that tradition that helps us build upon our Excellence.
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